How often do I need to replace my car tires?

The lifespan of car tires depends on the quality of the brand, its usage and the nature of the track it is used on. A thorough inspection should be conducted every year, and replacement should be done every 3-4 years or less (if the usage is more). An expert eye should be given on the condition of your car tires because your safety depends entirely on the condition of your tires.

How do I know that my car tires need replacing?

Primarily, you need to understand the necessity of quality tires for your vehicle – with perfect treads to displace water from beneath the tires, to avoid hydroplaning on wet roads and increase traction. It is the nature of the tire treads that signal the need for car tire replacement, which are as follows,

  • If the treads are worn down such that ‘tread wear bars’ or irregular bridges form alongside the original pattern.
  • If there are certain bar formations within the car tire treads that eventually become level with the outer surface, it definitely is time to go shopping for new tires.
  • Check for any abnormal bulges or bubbles forming on any part of your car tire. They can cause sudden blowout or failure during a drive, resulting in accidents.
  • Certain tests like the ‘Penny Test’ and the ‘Tread depth indicator or gauge’ can be used to determine how worn the tire is. If the tread has worn down over 1/16” of the remaining tread depth, it is ideal to have them replaced.
  • Know the legal requirements for car tire replacement that are relevant in several countries.

How do I check the manufacturing date of my tire?

Look for the DOT number on the side of your tire (Department of Transportation Safety Standards). Right next to the DOT emblem would be your car tire’s identification number that is composed of the tire’s manufacturer and the plant code, which would be in the form of two numbers or letters. The 9th and 10th characters specify the week that the tire was manufactured, and the final numbers specify the year.

How to read the size and specifications of the tires?

To discern the size of your tire, you need to look for an inscription on the tire in a specific format – like 185/75 R14 95V. Here, the number 185 specifies the width of the tire in millimeters, 75 specifies the height of the tire sidewall and the rim size or the diameter of the inner rim would be 14 inches. 95 will be the load index rating that defines the total weight that the tire can bear

What is wheel alignment? How important is it to me?

When your car tires have uneven wear, your car would require wheel alignment. It is utmost necessary to check your wheel alignment because it ensures that all the tires are set evenly on level ground and are parallel to each other. If the wheel alignment of your car is not perfect, you would find your car veering off a straight direction in spite of being on a straight and leveled road. Uneven tire tread wear and the spokes of the steering wheel off to one side are other indicators of your car requiring wheel alignment. Wheel alignment at least once a year is necessary for the smooth running of your vehicle.

What is the difference between All-season tires and summer or winter tires?

Summer tires and Winter tires are designed to bear the adversities of the specific seasons, while All-season tires are designed to bear all climatic conditions. For regions where summers and winters signify stark difference in climatic conditions, seasonal tires are recommended.

How fast can I get my car tires installed with Carlo?

The car tire installation depends on several factors like the availability of the particular brand you have selected, the time taken to deliver the purchased tires to your chosen installer, etc. At the earliest, when both factors are favorable, your tires can be installed with 1-2 working days.

How can I confirm my order?

Upon making your order, the payment and selection of your choice of installer, you will receive an email containing details of your booking.

  • Details of the tires purchased
  • Details of the installer you have selected
  • Time of appointment
  • Order reference

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